As a homeowner, you know the importance of taking care of your home’s exterior. No one wants to see peeling paint or dirt buildup on their home—and the same applies to your roof. But you may not realize that neglecting to clean your roof presents more risk than simply looking dirty or dingy; it can lead to very expensive costs. Here’s why you need to have your roof cleaned regularly:

There Is More Than Dirt That Collects On Your Roof

Your roof’s job is to protect your house from the elements, but that means it is constantly exposed to wind, rain, and sun as well as leaves and other debris. What ends up happening is your roof becomes a breeding ground for things like fungus, moss, and algae. Over time, this growth can start to damage your roof and eventually the structure of your home underneath. 

The Serious Risks Of Roof Stains

The damage done by algae and moss growth is caused by how these organic compounds grow. If you have a shingle roof, the compounds feed off of the limestone and asphalt coating. This coating is meant to protect your roof from harmful UV radiation from the sun. As it gets damaged, the lifespan of your shingles is significantly reduced.

Moss growth can lead to moisture retention, another serious problem. As moisture collects on your roof, it can lead to wood rot on your roof deck and fascia boards. Eventually, this can mean very expensive roof replacement—something that could be prevented with regularly scheduled roof cleaning.

Use a Professional

To keep your home looking great and reduce the risk of serious roof problems, hire a professional roof cleaner today. Professional cleaning uses specialized tools and detergents to get rid of moss and algae growth, eliminate any debris, and extend the lifespan of your shingles and roof.

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