The roof is one of your home’s most highly trafficked surfaces. While you may not be frequenting it yourself, it’s constantly being subjected to a range of conditions and organic buildup. Weather like snow, hail, and rain are in direct contact to the surface, and wind can bring in a variety of leaves and branches to collect on the area over time. Additionally, growths of mold and moss can develop without your knowledge. Because it’s out of reach and out of sight, you may not even notice the pileup of debris that sits above your home.

If you’re going to have your roof cleaned, soft washing is the best solution—pressure washing is much too forceful for the materials and shingles, and is guaranteed to cause further damage. Plus, pressure washing is extremely dangerous already, and shouldn’t be done while standing on a roof or ladder. With a soft washing treatment, the roof is simply coated with a safe, formulated cleaning solution that deteriorates mildew and grime, and then left to sit for a period of time to work. Eventually, the solution is rinsed away with a gentle stream of water, leaving your rooftop looking spotless and brand new.

Without being able to get a close look at the surface, your roof could be dealing with more issues than you might think. Branches, leaves, and pine needles could fall down into the gutters and block drainage. If the area is left unswept or cleaned, it could take a toll on your home’s insulation, leading to an unfortunate increase in energy bills. Bacteria and algae can also accumulate on the surface, posing additional harm to the roof’s materials. Whether your roof needs some extra help or just due for its regular cleaning, be sure to schedule a soft washing treatment to protect the surface and guarantee a risk-free procedure. 

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