While Vinyl siding is a strong, versatile, and long-lasting material, you will still need to routinely clean and care it. As an exterior product, it can gather large amounts of dirt, grime, and stains. This is as a result of things such as pollen, bird and insect waste, spider webs and rust. Insecticides, herbicides, and fertilizers can also discolor your vinyl siding in certain contexts.

The best way to clean your vinyl siding is soft washing. Use a soft cloth or a soft bristle brush to clean your vinyl siding along with an appropriate solution. Start from the bottom of your house and work your way up. Ensure that you rinse away any residue as you progress with your cleaning. Avoid using cleaners that contain an organic solvent, undiluted chlorine bleach or liquid grease remover. These are likely to damage your vinyl siding. It’s always best to hire a professional soft washing company to get the job done correctly!

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