Soft washing is a cleaning approach that makes use of a low-pressure washing technique and a blend of bleach, water, surfactants, and algaecides to get rid of organic stains on surfaces.

Soft washing is more than just surface cleaning. The chemicals used in SoftWash systems do not only get rid of stains but also sanitize and kill off the root of the stain. Soft washing can kill any stain-causing pest from its roots, thereby providing a clean surface.


Even though power washing and soft washing look similar, they both require different solutions, techniques, and equipment. Power washing uses higher water pressure than soft washing. Also, soft-washing uses biodegradable disinfectants to eliminate mold, algae, fungi, and more.


1. Soft washing reduces the chance of wood or sidings damage. It also does not leave any permanent mark on concrete and brick.

2. Soft wash eliminates fungus, algae, and mold, thereby ensuring the cleanliness of the surface – and that it does not decolorize in the long run.

3. A cleaner result because of the cleaning chemicals.

4. It is cost-efficient and does not require hard labor.

5. It disinfects the structure and at the same time, get them cleaned.


The soft wash system usually entails cleaning solutions of a higher concentration and a higher quantity of water compared to power washing, combined with a gentle and slow discharge, using a PSI than what emerges from a garden hose. The concentration of the solution usually varies, depending on the surface you intend to clean. For instance, the concentration of the solution required to clean a roof is often higher than that to clean sidings. After the soft washing process, it is advisable to leave the chemical mixture on the surface to eliminate everything down to the roots compared to rinsing off immediately after application.

However, the process of soft washing offers the best result when handled by professionals.


If you are a busy homeowner, you cannot afford to spend several hours on this process. If you have never carried out this process before, you’re looking at even more hours, possibly the better part of the day, and the work-related hazard that comes with the process. Instead, save your free-time for activities that you love, and allow professionals to do the hard works.

Even if you’re extremely careful, you could end up exposing yourself during this process to some harmful chemicals, minor or severe workshop injuries. You can also expose children to some of these chemicals if not properly kept and handled. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you allow professionals to handle them.

Also, Using the wrong chemical mixture proportion can even cause damages to some surfaces, and you wouldn’t want that.


If unhealthy growths are making your home not safe enough to be around, seek professional expertise on soft washing. Soft washing will clear out all those growths, make you live healthily, and increase your house curb appeal.

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