Fleet washing is an overlooked but integral part of your agricultural or industrial business. If you’ve ever been hemmed in by semi trucks, tractor trailers, or combines on the freeway, you know just how massive and unsightly large fleet vehicles can get, especially if they’re not properly cleaned or cared for. The dirt on your fleet vehicles isn’t just an eyesore; it’s also a safety hazard that can clog up gears or machines easily and lead to performance issues. To ensure ultimate performance and appearance on your fleet, you should definitely begin incorporating fleet washing into your maintenance routines.

Fleet washing can vary depending on the type of machine and work that machine is designed for, but overall its goal is pretty straightforward: to remove dirt and debris from the cogs of your fleet vehicles. Every fleet washing job is different. Frequency of washing varys based on the type of machine, the availability of it to be cleaned (and not used), degree or intensity of cleaning required, and more. The first step will be to arrange a time when your fleet is available and off duty for total maintenance. Since those moments are likely few and far between, it might be good to stack your maintenance tasks all into the same time, so your machine is only out every once in a while for a full body servicing that leaves in good repair and great condition.

Fleet Washing can require several different supplies and cleaning techniques depending on the type of equipment you’re washing. For example, if your semi truck has been out on the road for weeks, it’s likely accumulated a fair amount of grime and road film that won’t just rinse off under a hose. For deep cleansing, you’ll want to turn to professionals, who have specialty cleaning products and power washers that can hand brush and soak off dirt before buffing clean. Some machines might also benefit from resurfacing products like aluminum brighteners or acid cleaners that can take off rust and dirt much more easily than regular soaps, but these powerful and acidic cleaners should only be handled by experts who know how to safely use them.

Fleet washing is a valuable tool in any truck driver or fleet owner’s toolkit. From regular maintenance to overall aesthetic, there’s nothing a good fleet clean can’t do. Contact a professional fleet washing team for the best prices and the best cleaning jobs you’ll ever find on fleet washing.

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