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Concrete is the most widely used construction material. As such, it is not uncommon to find concrete surfaces in residential homes and commercial properties (such as industrial spaces or warehouses). It is a great flooring option because it is durable and can look attractive, depending on its use. But concrete cleaning is no easy task! This is a hard-wearing surface but it can also be tough to clean, especially if the stain has penetrated the porous surface.  More about Kirtland, OH  can be seen here.

Gutter Cleaning Service

Prior to the application of any restoration material, the surface should be pressure cleaned and left to dry. We use a specialist power washer at low pressure on the surface of the pattern imprinted concrete, cleaning the driveway or patio of any dirt, debris and algae with soap and water. A combination of our high-quality products are used for oil stain removal, algae or any green buildup on the surface, and the removal of all the pollutants and residue from car tires and exhausts. Then, we use clean water to wash off the dirt and let it dry. Click here to read about Great Roof Washing Service In Kirtland

Wet Jet Pressure Washing

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