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Because the size and details of each job changes with each surface, we cannot give prices on this site. Please call today for your free estimate or check out what specials we are currently running!

Expert Gutter Cleaning

Every year, tons of debris fall from canopy trees covering homes with leaves, seeds, and twigs. Once clogged, the gutters and downspouts on your home are quickly engulfed with even the slightest precipitation. Summer and winter storms typically compound this situation sending water down the walls and into the basement. Regular cleanup will prevent the damaging effects of overflowing gutters and downspouts. We specialize in yearly scheduled maintenance programs that reduce costs. Our technicians have the expertise and correct equipment necessary to clean your gutters without damaging them or your landscaping. See here for information about Wet Jet Pressure Washing

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"We bought a 1954 brick solid home that was looking worn and weathered. After Wet-Jet cleaned the house, patio, roof, and driveway, it sparkles and looked like new!"


- Jennifer R.

"I rarely write reviews, however the professionalism, honesty and speedy response of Scott at Wet Jet Power Washing is to be commended. I needed to have my home and roof power washed, living in a wooded area my roof was covered with moss. Scott was quick to reply, gave a detailed estimate by email and fit me into their schedule. He included important details such as remove window air units and wreath decorations from both doors. This may sound silly, however it assured me that he did a thorough walk around of my property and cared about my home and belongings. The finished product was pristine, worth every penny! I would HIGHLY recommend Wet Jet, professional work done with real old fashioned customer service! Thank you Wet Jet!"


- Sheila D.

"Very pleased with Wet Jet's work. I have been using them for years. Scott and his workers have gone above and beyond to make the exterior of my house look great. They always arrive early. They have cleaned the outside of my house, did my gutters and removed the tree stains from the deck. You definitely get your money worth. See you in spring Scott. Thank you"


- Diana H.

"We have had work done by Scott and his team at Wet Jet. They are very professional. Their attention to detail is unmatched. The service that they provide made it a one-stop shop for me. They cleaned my roof, gutters house drive and walkways. They took the time to put all of my patio furniture back where I had it after they washed it. Which was not in the agreement. They went above and beyond. As a veteran with a disability, I can say that they truly made my life easier. Amazing job by amazing staff. I would recommend them to any and all. Thank you Scott for all the hard work!!!!!"


- Jason P.

"Excellent job of pressure washing. Knowledgeable team!"


- Gary D.

"They were on time and did an amazing job on cleaning the outside of my house."


- Casey S.

"Excellent work!!! Thank you so very much for your great service. My neighbor and I had our home, windows and my patio deck pressure washed today!!! Everything is so clean - Beautiful. We will be using Wet-Jet every year for exterior Spring Cleaning. Thank you so very much!!!! Highly Recommend!!!!!!"


- Denise H.

"I highly recommend Wet Jet. I have used them several times for my house and my business. They have cleaned my house and sidewalks, it’s amazing how it looks after a year of grime is washed off. Professionally I have used them after a transmission line leaked on a driveway. They are on time and hardworking."


- Scott H.

"Great job on deck and windows!! highly recommended!!"


- Teresa P.

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Will any of your services harm my plants?

No! All chemicals for washing used by Wet-Jet are 100% earth-friendly. Deck stains can be harmful, but all plants and area objects are removed or covered by plastic or tarp.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. We now accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Plus we always accept cash and personal checks.

Do you charge for estimates?

Never! We provide a free estimate for all jobs and services that we offer.

Do you serve commercial and residential customers?

Absolutely. We can work with your commercial business or come to your home.

Will you be able to get mold off my siding?

Yes! Mold removal is one of Wet-Jet’s specialties!

What are those black spots on my siding?

Usually, when we get this question, customers are asking about artillery fungus or shotgun mold spores. These are mainly present directly above mulch and are very hard to remove. Some may come off with our high pressure wash, but most will not. They will eventually fade with time.

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