Residential Cleaning

Because the size and details of each job changes with each house/deck, we cannot give prices on this site. Please call today for your free estimate or check out what specials we are currently running!

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Our Exterior Cleaning Services

House Washing

Includes detergent application and low pressure washing of the siding and basic wash and rinse of exterior windows, awnings, and gutters.

We can also include extensive washing of the gutters or hot wax application with our Deluxe house wash.

Roof Cleaning

Tired of ugly black streaks on roof? Don’t spend $5k-$15k to replace your entire roof! Call us to soft wash your shingles for a fraction of the price and rid yourself of that roof algae.

Pressure Washing

​Un-maintained exteriors are more than just an eyesore. Wet Jet can successfully restore your surfaces to a like-new condition, removing contaminants including dirt, mold, tire marks, oil, and rust stains from the surface.

Gutter Cleaning

We specialize in bringing a personal touch to every quality gutter cleaning service we deliver. Our team is proud to earn the trust of our customers… And we show it by bringing the best service possible to your home.

Concrete Cleaning & Sealing

Cleaning service includes detergent application and high pressure cleaning of concrete surfaces.

Sealing service includes cleaning and sealing concrete. Sealer is sprayed on and back-rolled to ensure even application. Seals driveways, patios, walkways, garage floors, etc.

Deck Cleaning, Sealing, & Restoration

Service includes complete pressure washing and staining deck. Stain is applied by airless sprayer and back-rolled to ensure even application. If attached, the house is covered in plastic. All plants and conctrete near the deck will be covered.

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