There are a lot of ways to clean the outside of a building, and they are somewhat dependent on what the outside walls are made of. They are also more than somewhat dependent on skills and training of whoever is doing the cleaning. For the regular homeowner, DIY is often the cheapest way to do it, but you should always consider hiring a professional cleaning service.

Water hose with power nozzle

This will get some of the dirt and grime off of exterior walls. It’s safe for most building materials and reasonably safe to operate. Getting your hand caught in the spray doesn’t feel great, but it also doesn’t do much damage.

The problem is that this method doesn’t really do a lot to improve curb appeal. There are many reasons to improve this aspect of your property. As an example, if you want to refinance, improved curb appeal is important. It is even more important should you want to sell your property.

Pressure washer

These machines take the water from your hose and increase the PSI (pounds per square inch) dramatically. It will take off a lot of dirt, grime, smoke damage (from wildfires) and other substances that mar how a home looks. It comes off in sheets.

That doesn’t mean it’s the best bet. It’s cold water, and some things need more than just pressure to get rid of them. Some things need heat.

Power washer

Now we’re talking. The same PSI but hot water instead! These babies can take off even more accumulated grime from walls and from concrete, bricks or cinder blocks. It even works well on metal. However, if you have stucco, you may want to think about a different method… unless stuccoing the home again is on the chore list.

There is another problem with both the pressure washer and power washer. Both truly require some training before they can be safely operated. That’s why it’s always better to hire a professional! Keep in mind that dental drills can cut teeth; think how easily these high pressure washers could cut through a finger. More than one emergency room has seen the results of carelessness when using the equipment. Best bet is to hire a professional cleaning company.

There is another problem. If we have to use cleansers to wash our hands, it is obvious that they are important in the battle against dirt, grime and other harmful things. With that in mind, soft washing seems a much better solution.

Soft washing uses less pressure, usually under five hundred PSI. Appropriate cleansers are added to the water in the tank, and a wider nozzle is used. Soft washing should always be done by a trained professional. There are environmentally safe cleansers that can be added that will not only clean your home but provide biodegradable additives to the soil. This is a much safer approach.

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