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Will any of your services harm my plants?

No! All chemicals for washing used by Wet-Jet are 100% earth-friendly. Deck stains can be harmful, but all plants and area objects are removed or covered by plastic or tarp.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. We now accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Plus we always accept cash and personal checks.

Do you charge for estimates?

Never! We provide a free estimate for all jobs and services that we offer.

Do you serve commercial and residential customers?

Absolutely. We can work with your commercial business or come to your home.

Will you be able to get mold off my siding?

Yes! Mold removal is one of Wet-Jet’s specialties!

What are those black spots on my siding?

Usually, when we get this question, customers are asking about artillery fungus or shotgun mold spores. These are mainly present directly above mulch and are very hard to remove. Some may come off with our high pressure wash, but most will not. They will eventually fade with time.

Can you bill me, so I can pay later?

No. We require payment at the time of the service.

Do I have to use Sherman Williams brand stain?

Not at all. We will use any brand/type of stain that you prefer.

Is Wet Jet insured & bonded?

Yes. Every measure is taken to ensure that no property is damaged, but we are fully covered just in case.

Do you have any coupons available?

Yes. Don’t forget to stop by our specials page to see our most current deals!

Do you use hot or cold water?

Both. We use cold water for most jobs, but we will not hesitate to use hot water if the job calls for it.

Will you remove bird's nests?

Maybe. If the nest is easily accessible AND free from unhatched eggs and/or baby birds, we will remove it. In the case of an active nest, we will simply wash around it and try our best not to disturb it.

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