Pressure Washing Is Part Of The Solution

Pressure washing is the go-to solution for most home DIY amateurs. Amateurs is the correct word because they haven’t been trained properly but just want to get the job done quickly, cheaply, and easily. The problem is that when you use a pressure washer that you rented from a home improvement store you are using pressure that is almost 50 times as powerful as your garden hose. This force will damage any surface it encounters when used at close range. It will actually etch the top layer of concrete off your driveway. This will cause pooling of water. It will remove the tar used in the concrete process, and potentially reverse the draining of water off the surface. You can still use pressure washing to clean your driveway, but it needs to be done in a way that is safe and reasonable.

Soft Washing Is the Other

Instead of using high-pressure for washing, if the surface is filthy with grease, mold, and bacteria, then you should actually use a low-pressure system in combination with a soapy detergent. The detergent, similar to your laundry detergent, will kill the bacteria and mold and lift the stains from the surface making it easy to wash clean everything.

Hire A Professional To Do Both

It can be difficult to know how to actually do all of this. Instead of making mistakes and wrong decisions, a professional will bring everything with them and get it done right the first time. They will be able to judge the surface from the first moment they arrive and know exactly what to do to make your driveway shine like new. There is no risk of damage to your driveway surface or plants because they will use the proper mix of chemicals and the right pressure for each job.

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